Sangdang Fortress
A Well-preserved stone fortress built during Joseon Dynasty (4.2km in circumstance, 130,000m2 in area, it takes about one and a half hours to tour this site).
The breathtaking sceneries of Cheongju can be enjoyed during normal tour hours.(Historic Site No.212)
Cheongju National Museum
As this museum exhibits a rich treasure trove Chungbuk cultural properties from prehistoric age of Joseon Dynasty, visitors can see the entire tradition and culture of Chungbuk at a glance. it has various facilities, such as the Exhibition and Experience Center which host informative and exciting events.
Yukgeori Traditional Market & Seongan-gil (Lunch)
Yukgeori Traditional Market, located at the south end of Seongan-gil and as leader in brand marketing, was the first market to issue the gift cards in Korea.
This market is now the nation’s largest traditional market with about 1,200 stores and street vendors.
Munui Cultural Assets Complex
Munui Cultural Properties Site offers overlooks of Daecheongho Lake. Attracting many visitors, the place was created to preserve and promote the local traditional culture of Cheongwon (Chungcheongbuk-do); it is a great place to learn about local history, culture, and arts

This complex exists to share our historical culture with others. this complex showcases prehistoric remains and ‘Munsankwan’ (Chungbuk’s Cultural Treasure #49). In addition, there are the Memorial Monument Houses for Filial Piety of Seo Duk-gil and loyalist, Kim seon-bok. In addition, there is a collection of clay walled houses, blacksmith’s workshop, traditional tavern, and a fortress. Therefor visitors can learn Korean traditional culture and ancestor’s wisdom through these replicas.
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In south Korea, Cheongnamdae translates into “Blue House” and it has served as the presidential retreat since 1983. The compound includes the presidential plaza, golf course, pavilion, beautiful lake side trail, fish pond and Sky Garden. Visitors can learn the history of past presidents at the Presidential culture & History Hall.
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